responsible supply chain

international paper’s global supply chain includes more than 100,000 suppliers that provide products and services from around the world.

an efficient and responsible supply chain is key to obtaining quality raw materials and services that support our operations and ensure we meet our customers’ needs. we establish and enforce guidelines to ensure our suppliers operate ethically and responsibly throughout our supply chain.

we focus on:

  • establishing or improving upon processes that drive transparency and accountability
  • setting legal, ethical, and business expectations and monitoring compliance
  • improving collaboration, innovation, and deliberate improvement with suppliers
  • enhancing our strategic sourcing process to improve risk reviews of suppliers
  • conducting significant training with our sourcing and procurement personnel
  • initiating training for our suppliers and creating additional resources for our supply chain

in our supplier handbook, we:

  • communicate our values and way of doing business
  • establish our expectations for suppliers in the areas of financial, environmental and social responsibility
  • outline our process for aligning supplier performance with values and business needs

read our complete supplier handbook


supply chain

vision 2020 goal

progress: evolved supplier code of conduct to third party code of conduct to include all third parties across supply chain and expanded risk monitoring processes

stated goal: establish processes promoting transparency, managing risk by monitoring and identifying opportunities to collaborate with suppliers